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This web site features ideas to help hams have fun when contesting, operating portable and camping !

Camping in Wyoming, USA


Rotten QRM!

The Wouffhong, a terrible instrument of torture used on "rotten operators"!
The original is at ARRL HQ

The Rettysnitch is another ancient enforcement tool!

Ten Tec new Eagle brochure (pdf file)

Ten Tec Argonaut V QRP radio
Ten-Tec Scout 555 /Argo-556  QSK and PTT Modifications
ARRL Field Day 2007 - Wyoming Antenna Experiment!

The Evolution of a Big Power Supply !

Wrist-Rocket Launcher (with Zebco 404 reel) gets the wire antennas UP in the trees !
Wrist-rocket launcher

Simple OPTICALLY-ISOLATED KEYING circuit to help keep RFI out of your computer's serial (or parallel) port when using the PC to key the radio on CW.

Optically Isolated Interface for MFJ-434 DVK and TRlog software keeps RFI out of your computer's parallel port when using the PC to key the Voice Keyer on SSB.

A collection of the best articles from ARRL publications
So many wire antenna designs have proven to be first
class performers! Here is an entire book devoted to
wire antennas, from the simple to the complex. Includes
articles on dipoles, loops, rhombics, wire beams and
receive antennas and some time-proven classics! An
ideal book for Field Day planners or the next wire
antenna project at your home station.


Love On The Air
-- Merri AB0MV tells our story!

Morse Code Saves a US Navy Destroyer in the Mediterranean
Sea !

Camping in the Rocky Mountains

A Philatelic History of Radio and Electronics

Radio History : Where did SOS, CQ, 73 come from?

Operating Awards and Certificates

Sci-fi movie where solar storms,
occurring exactly 30 years apart,
allow father and son to communicate
using the very same ham radio
in parallel time frames of 1969
and 1999. One is a firefighter and
the other a police officer.

Spooky novel about radio
call-in show called Ghost
Radio, and the host hears
voices in the radio static
on 6m.

The complete PHILLIPS CODE (1925 edition)

DXpeditions and Contesting (pictures, contest rules, software/hardware info)

ARRL Field Day(s) in Colorado (1991 - 1998)

1971 ARRL Field Day in Wisconsin

Ham Radio Friends


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